East Riddlesden Hall

20160418_112954East Riddlesden Hall is a 17th-century manor located near Keighley. It is precisely in the village of Riddlesden, close to the river Aire. East Riddlesden Hall is 9mi from Bradford and it can be reached by bus (line 662 Bradford-Keighley). Keighley train station is 1.2mi away.

20160418_112958East Riddlesden Hall is a small house, which is partly ruined. Nonetheless, it is a charming place, with athmospheric rooms and nice gardens. It is managed by the National Trust and it is very well maintained. The house is closed on Fridays, and on weekdays in winter. Full-price admission £7.70, see website for more details.


East Riddlesden Hall was built on a hill overlooking the Aire Valley. The grounds are not very big but there is a large pond, gardens which were designed in the 17th-century fashion and an old barn where visitors can see old carts. The house itself is a lovely Jacobean building. A wing was demolished in the early 20th century because of its poor condition. The main front still stands, with its gaping mullioned windows.

img005The interior comprise the great hall, a few bedrooms, a kitchen and several reception rooms. Each room is very well decorated and displays Jacobean furnishing. As in most National Trust properties, there is a volunteer in each room, eager to overwhelm visitors with many details about the place.

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