img124Marsden is the last town in Yorkshire on the road from Leeds to Manchester. It is located in the Colne Valley, and right at the foot of the Pennines. The closest hill, Pule Hill, is 1434ft high. Marsden Moor, which is located just south of the town, is managed by the National Trust and it forms the northernmost tip of the Peak District National Park.

img462Marsden is an old industrial town; Bank Bottom Mill, a woollen mill which closed in 2003, was one the largest factories in Yorkshire. The building can still be seen just outside of the town and it dates back from 1824.

img457Marsden Moor is the main point of interest in the area. Although it is not as famous as Ilkley Moor or as the moorland around Haworth, it is nonetheless quite spectacular. There are not as many curiosities as at Ilkley for instance, but there are still a lot of walking possibilities, with big hills, water reservoirs and stunning views. Marsden Moor is easily reachable from the town centre, via the paths that climb behind the houses.

img460There is a small National Trust visitor centre near the train station. The National Trust also offers three walking itineraries on its website.

Besides its moor, Marsden is also known for Standedge Tunnel, which is both the longest and the highest canal tunnel in the UK. It was built in 1811 and it is 5.6yd long. The tunnel allows the Huddersfield Narrow Canal to cross the Pennines to reach Manchester. There is a visitor centre that organises boat trips inside the tunnel (see website).

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