Sandal Castle

13020531_10153606865202055_211508999_nSandal Castle is a ruined castle located just outside Wakefield. Although the site is still impressive, there are only scarce remains of the buildings. As such Sandal Castle may not be worth a long distance travel but it can be a nice stop if you are visiting other places in the area.

Sandal Castle is located 2.5mi from Wakefield centre. It is not far from Sandal & Agbrigg train station and line 110 from Wakefield and Leeds passes near it. Free entry.

27019The castle was built just after William the Conqueror had invaded England. It was first made of wood, and it is only in the 13th century that it was rebuilt in stone. It was severely damaged in the War of the Roses and the Civil War and it later fell into ruins.

Nowadays, the most impressive element is the mound, which is big and enhanced by the natural setting – the castle stands on the top of a hill and it offers wide views on Wakefield and its surroundings. There are information signs that tell the history of the place and show how the castle was prior to its decay.

On Barnsley Road, not far from the castle, there is a good ‘gastropub’, called The Castle. It serves British food but with in a high cuisine manner.

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