img086Elsecar is a village in South Yorkshire, located around 6 mi from both Sheffield and Barnsley. As with many villages in the area, it was deeply marked by the Industrial Revolution, as it is located in a coalfield. The collieries at Elsecar belonged to the Fitzwilliams, a family who lived a few miles away at Wentworth Woodhouse.

Elsecar has its own train station and it is easily reachable from the towns arowhaund.

img087The main point of interest in Elsecar is the Heritage Centre, a sort of ecomuseum housed in former factories and warehouses. The site includes former steelworks and a former distillery among others. There is a small exhibition about the history of the place and several workshops present various crafts. The Heritage Centre also has its own station, located at the end of a steam train heritage line.

img085Elsecar is renowned for its antique centre. A large warehouse was converted into a second-hand market, with a big number of small shops dealing all sorts of items. There are also a vinyl shop and a second-hand furniture shop.

Elsecar Heritage Centre has the last beam engine still in its original location. This engine was powered by steam and it was used to pump water out of collieries.

Elsecar Heritage Centre is open daily, free admission, see the website for more details.

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Around Elsecar:

Wentworth Woodhouse