Monk Bretton Priory

img225Monk Bretton Priory is a former religious establishment which was founded in 1154 and closed in 1538 during the Dissolution of Monasteries. The priory is one of the numerous ruined abbeys and monasteries in Yorkshire. Monk Bretton Priory is located in Lunwood, a suburb of Barnsley which is around 2 mi from the town centre. The site is managed by English Heritage, and admission is free. Open daily (see website).

img224The priory was established as a daughter of Pontefract Monastery, itself under the authority of Cluny Abbey in France. Because of disagreements, Monk Bretton cut its links with Pontefract and with the Cluniac order in 1281 to become a Benedictine establishement. After its closure in 1538, locals used it as a stone quarry and it rapidly fell in ruins.

Nowadays, Monk Bretton Priory is not really impressive. There is almost nothing left of the church and the largest remains are the walls of the refectory and the big gatehouse. The refectory is still quite interesting, with its fireplace and large windows.

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Around Monk Bretton Priory:


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