Skidby Windmill

img498Skidby Windmill is one of the last functioning windmills in Yorkshire (there is at least another one in York at Holgate). It is located between Hull and Beverley, on the Holderness plain. The region, which is by nature very windy, used to have dozens of similar windmills, but most of them have been destroyed once they fell into disuse.

20180212_151650The windmill at Skidby was built in 1821 and it gained its present appearance in 1870. It can easily remind the windmills in Holland, because of its painted brick walls and its white wooden roof. It is still used to grind flour, which can be bought in the shop downstairs.

It is possible to visit the interior of the windmill, but it only really works on weekends when the weather allows it. There is a small museum on local history and agriculture in rooms at the bottom of the tower.

The windmill and museum are open Saturday to Tuesday all around the year. Full-price admission is at £2.50. See the website for more information. The windmill is located just at the entrance of the village of Skidby. Cottingham train station is 2mi away.

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