Sewerby Hall

img423Sewerby Hall is a small country house located just outside of Bridlington, facing the North Sea. Built as a humble mansion around 1714, it was largely extended in 1808 with the addition of the two wings.

The house comes with pleasant gardens and a small zoo. Its location right on the seaside makes it a special place, and it can easily appeal to children and adults alike.

The house is closed on weekdays in winter, and admission to the gardens is free from November to March. It is possible to buy separate tickets for the gardens and zoo and for the house (£3.50 each). The combined ticket costs £6. See the website for more information.

img422The house is a typical Georgian mansion from the outside, but the interior is more Edwardian in style. It is not huge but visitors can see many rooms inside, including the kitchens and other service rooms, the dining room and drawing rooms, the bedrooms upstairs and the winter garden. Part of the hall is dedicated to history exhibitions.

img424The gardens are gorgeous. Located behind the hall, they comprise a Victorian garden, a large rosary and a very cute walled garden. The small zoo hosts a collection of farm animals but also more exotic species – alpacas, monkeys, penguins.

Sewerby Hall is located some 2mi from Bridlington. The house can easily be reached from the town centre by taking the path along the coast. Further afar, it is possible to continue along the path to reach Flamborough Head.

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