Flamborough Head & Bempton Cliffs

img416Flamborough Head is one of the most stunning natural sites in Yorkshire. It is a chalk headland that plunges into the North Sea, forming tall white cliffs. The cliffs start at Bridlington and they stretch on 6 mi. They progressively become higher towards the north face of the headland, reaching a height of 330 feet at Bempton Cliffs. There, the cliffs are made of a greyer and harder stone.

img414The headland can be reached by car; there are several car parks including one close to the very end of the promontory. The site can also be visited on foot from the train stations of Bempton and Bridlington. A path follows the edge of the cliffs all around the headland, offering outstanding views. It is possible to walk all along the cliffs from Bridlington to Bempton – around 12 mi.

img420The cliffs at Flamborough and Bempton are the only white sea cliffs in the North of England. They constitute the very end of the Yorkshire Wolds, a range of chalk hills which is located between the East Riding and North Yorkshire. Flamborough and Bempton are of high value for geologists as they display all sorts of rock formations – caves, pillars, natural arches.

img413The headland is also popular among birdwatchers – it hosts a huge number of seabirds, notably a vast colony of Northern gannets. It is also easy to spot seagulls, cormorants, oystercatchers and eiders. While the top of the headland is covered with quiet meadows, the cliffs are populated with hundreds of birds whose noise can be quite impressive. The best time of the year to watch the birds is in spring and summer when they are nesting.

img418Bempton Cliffs are managed by the RSBP which provides visitors with viewpoints, a car park and an information centre. These are located 1 mi from the village of Bempton, and 5 mi from Bridlington.

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Around Flamborough Head:

Sewerby Hall



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